Black Pearl Identity and Shopping Mall Kiosk

  • Blackpearl shopping mall kiosk
    During the project our task was to create a brand-new, fresh identity and shopping mall kiosk concept for Black Pearl. Black Pearl is a startup company, who sell their bubble tea drinks in shopping malls. Because the company previously had not been on the market, we had to build up a completely new brand for them.
    The shopping mall kiosk is 110 cm tall in all three sides, so the Guests can see into the booth. It also requires some nice furniture design inside as well. The internal surfaces have white color, which bring back the logo’s base color in the design. 

    Features: identity, logo, bubble tea, kiosk, tea, rebranding, 3D
    Industry:  hospitality
    Services:  branding and shopping mall kiosk design concept and production
    Offering:   photo shooting, 2D animation, 3D modeling, technical drawing, manufacturing, stand building
  • Logo design
  •  Alternate Colors
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