Candy Scoop Identity and Mall Kiosk

    Candy Scoop Identity and Shopping mall Kiosk
    Candy Scoop is a candy and ice cream vending company with their 3 kiosks in different shopping malls.
    Part of the initial design brief was to redesign the whole brand identity because the old logo was slightly outdated and less fit in with candy and ice cream’s mood.
    In addition the Client would like to redesign the current mall kiosk and they prefer a new and fresh kiosk design with a bar counter section where the guests can enjoy an ice cream with a cup of good coffee.
    The goal of design was creating a clean, elegant kiosk and identity but we also wanted to keep the playfulness of the candies. We also kept in mind that we would like to create a design which is appealing in a colourful mall environment.  We decided on a colour palette of yellow and vivid pink colours that reflected both the playful and happiness. We suggested the italic and rounded shapes for the logo and for the kiosk furniture
    as well and we added some indirect LED lighting to emphasize the candies in the boxes. 
    Functionality is always an important part of every kiosk design. We created a small working corner in to the shopping mall kiosk which can be separated by a sliding door, so it can be easily hidden from the guests’ eye when not in use.
    Features:  Identity, Logo, Candy, Kiosk, Ice-cream,       Offering: Photoshooting, 3D animation & modeling,
                      Rebranding, 3D                                                              Technical drawing, Furniture manufacturing
    Services:  Rebranding and shopping mall                      Industry: Hospitality
                      kiosk design
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