Procter & Gamble's Crest Be Toothpaste Campaign


  • This piece for P&G contained some explosive elements bursting from our toothpaste tube as our theme for this flavour was Be Adventurous.
    We were even able to create some delicious 3D model choc pieces with gooey centres.

    We were dreaming up our own recipes here at A.k.A and came up with Minty muffin, cherry and mint, Strawberry cheesecake, who knows, 
    the possiblities are endless and seriously mouth watering!
    We have tried all of the flavours that are around so far and all of them are deliciously, yummy!


  • In order to make the chocolate more chocolatey we produced 3D models of each piece.

    A wireframe rendering of one of the pieces of chocolate

  • One of the thousands of shots that we decided not to use in the end.

  • This flavour was lime spearmint and includes some gorgeous 3D modelled lime slices, limes and other 3D elements all blended with yummy vectored and airbrushed artwork.

    These were such fun to work on. A TV ad was also created.

  • All of the flavour and freshness bursting out of the tube.

  • Again, one of the photographs that we decided not to use, we felt that the pose in the photograph we used in the end had more dynanism to it.

  • We created 3D limes for this advert instead of photography because we wanted to have full control over every angle and be able to light it exactly as the client needed. This was just an early rendering.

  • Crest Be Inspired vanilla Mint flavour was the second ad for Procter and Gamble.This has some smooth and silky flowing artwork with a distinctly vanilla and minty tone to it.
    The concept was to inspire, to engage and to give a feeling of freedom of expression. Again, this piece contains some fun 3D elements, photography and nice freeform flowing curves.

  • The client wanted the flavour to be bursting from the tube!

  • We tried hundreds of different posses which gave the client a lot of choice when it came to selecting which photograph to go for. The models did a fantastic job and worked really hard.