AkA Angry Animals Series

  • Chris, the ring leader and criminal mastermind. If you see him do not approach, he's probably got a shooter! 
    This shot of him was captured just before he ripped the head off the cameraman and ate it in a nice sandwich on one of his picnics!

    We heard he is planning a reunion of the angries to do some dodgy stuff, don't ask!

  • A close up of Chris!

  • We also produced limited edition prints of our Angry Animals series

  • and partnered with DecalGirl to produce an angry animal range of gadget skins.

  • Anyway, this nutter is Claude and he's not a happy bunny, well owl. 
    We asked Claude for an interview as he was flying away but he just told us to "shut it or I'll 'ave you you slaaag". Not very nice, still least he didn’t peck our eyes out.

    This guy needs stopping, and quick!

  • Claude is always trying to escape

  • Limited edition print of Claude

  • Melvin's not happy, well he's called Melvin, can you blame him, it just doesn't suit a gorilla.

    We managed to capture a shot of him just before he escaped never to be seen again. He and his fellow inmates, the angry animals, make a set, all of whom have gone into hiding following some terrible crimes we can't even talk about. Catch 'em quick!!

  • Here's a mug shot.

  • Another angry animal skin form out DecalGirl range.

  • Archie the eagle is the gangs henchman, well with talons like that who's going to argue with him?

  • And with a stare like that don't look him in the eye too long.

  • Arthur's currently on the run for taking and driving away. The owner of the vehicle described the moment when a blue rinse lion opened the driver door at some lights with a shooter and told him to get out of his Robin Reliant as "quite memorable".

  • A not impressed lion. Sometimes he wears a fez, sometimes he doesn't.

  • One of our limited edition prints of this sick critter.

  • Throw this guy a stick and he'll rip yer face off. 

  • When there's a full moon it's said he turns into a human.... yeah right!

  • Another of our limited prints of this dude.
    These were great fun to make. Hope you enjoyed checking these dudes out.