• "No Limits" Tour Bus
  • Belm Designs goes old school with a papercraft model of the upcoming 2011 No limits tour bus. Papercraft goes way back to the days of constructing models from ordinary paper,tape and glue mixed with a little ingenuity. Now days most design firms will render a 3D model for the client to view, but sometimes there's something about having a physical model you can view from all angles plus it just looks cool on your desk. Still a great way to present your ideas to the client.
  • 2011 No Limits Tour Papercraft model
  • 3D rendered logo for the "No Limits" campaign
    Belm Designs - M.Bell
  • Full layout of the bus design complete with tabs for gluing
  • Sending the artwork to the printer for the papercraft model. We used the same artwork for real tour bus.
  • Printing the model. In the old days the artwork might be hand drawn or painted, but we have the luxury of a printer nowdays.
  • Cutting out the wheels. We have the ability to cut out the design automatically with our contour cut printer, but decided to go manually.
  • Scoring/creasing and folding the model
  • Putting it all together... A star for every year of great business for the client
  • Front view of the coach
  • 2011 No Limits Tour Papercraft model
  • 2011 No Limits Tour Papercraft model
  • Driver side view of the tour bus. Below you'll see the actual bus photo
  • Actual No limits bus on tour around the nation in 2011
    M. Bell - Belm Designs