Windows 8 Magazine - Launch Editions

  • We were commissioned by the lovely chaps at Official Windows 8 Magazine to create a feature opener about creating a simple Windows game in a day - and we thought our deadlines were short!! (This image was for their very first ever issue)

    Two journalists were pitted against each other at the mag, one had to create a point and click type game, the other a platform style game. We made the illo look like it was team A boffins against team B with this colourful outcome! We really had fun on this and the client was very pleased with the results.

    We even got to create pencil rendered profs!

  • A hand drawn rendering of the 'prof'


  • A close up of the gaming factory.


  • Here's our finished piece in all it's printed glory.

  • We partnered with gadget accessory company DecalGirl to produce a range of covers.

  • Our Sony PlayStation 4 skin, ¬†which, even if we say so ourselves, does look stunning on the console.