• Geometric Side
  • ‘GEOMETRIC SIDE’ is a photo editing technique developed by Francesco Corberi.
    It consist, like the name says, to “geometrize” on the basis of straight lines, every element present in the frame.

    Like in the Cubism, the characterizing factors are time and geometry, view as decomposition of elements. Though results are deeply different, because different is the reflection in the base.
    The cubist purpose was insert inside of the bidimensionality the illusion of tridimensionality united at the introduction, at the innovative epoch, of the fourth dimension: time.
    This is obtained trough the decomposition of the elements and the temporary accost of different points of view.

    In Geometric Side instead, the intent isn’t to represent time, rather to stop it.
    If photography itself stops the moment, Geometric Side freezes it forever making it eternal, immutable, always true, then absolute.

    The geometric shapes, like Mondrian already had theorized, contribute to cover the finite with the infinite because they make it always valid, almost perfect. The fact itself that guide lines on which is based the project are obtained by the original shot.

    So not pre-packaging any ready and valid grid, take over the attempt to search eternity in everyone face.

    To not die.

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