Museum für Druckkunst - Corporate Identity

  • Museum of Printing - Leipzig - Germany

  • Leipzig is a city with rich traditions of bookmaking and publishing. The museum is unique for the scope and diversity of its exhibits.

    The outstanding feature of this museum is that all appliances, tools and machines are not presented as mute testimonies to their time, but as vivid working demonstrations of a wide range of techniques. Hands-on experimentation plays a major role, making the museum ideal as a platform for courses and workshops. A further dimension is added by independent artists, who are invited to use the facilities for their work. And as a museum open to the public, the Museum of the Printing Arts Leipzig welcomes everyone interested in the art of printing, gives room to temporary exhibitions and provides a venue for lectures and symposia.

    Goal is the Museum of Printing Arts needs to build an identity that will be used consistently through all its documents. I have to create a corporate identity; with colours, photos and illustrations, typefaces, etc. This will be applied to several promotional items including a Letterhead and Business Card, Entry Ticket and Shopping Bag.

    Having the traditional printing in mind, throughout the whole project I considered that the museum represents the art of letterpress printing. Due to this, some documents will be produced with this printing method. So I have to remember some of the limitations of letterpress printing. Such as fine lines, large solids and halftone screens or the transparent quality of letterpress Ink.

    Therefore the client asked for a clean and straight forward approach. The Design must be forward- looking and modern
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