• Milk Magazine is a one off special edition journal style magazine on the topic of social virtues. this was a group project however all work below is my own. Each member was give a virtue to create a article and cover surrounding this theme. My topic was respect and how makeup and beauty plays a role in the topic of social virtues and daily life.  All copy has been written and sourced by myself.
    The cover image I created from nail polish to tie in with my makeup theme but not make the cover to feminine, as it is a personal almost blog style magazine, the mouth representing the chatting and abstractness of the articles.
    The name milk was a group decision as milk is a staple product in many peoples lives, it gives life and is considered neutral. The cover image then questions this neutrality with its bold and striking appearance. 
    The magazine contains 6 main articles, one created my each member of my group and a variety of views, art directed photography and features to create a magazine that in total is 130 pages
    Many of the images where created and photographed myself however some are creative commons and shutter stock. Credit has been given to the images that are not mine. The 'we are all beautiful' spread was also created using a variety of makeup and photographed individually and pieced together to create the striking positive message. 
    Images that are not my own are courtesy of: Aleksandra Kovac (image 4 photos 1+2) Monica Holli (Image 8 photo 2) Pics 5 (Image 9 all photos) Bryony Eacott (image 10) all photos have been editing and repositioned to suit my article so will appear different to original. 
  • Thank you for viewing my work.