Carlsberg Lounge - Budapest

    Carlsberg Lounge
    The Client's request was to create a unique and premium-looking pub design in Budapest, which can be a great gathering point for local residents and tourists, whether for having a beer, or watching a match. This pub is fortunately situated in a very busy and popular location, not far from the Nyugati railway station, in the side of Eiffel square. 
    The Lounge's main decorative element is the cassette wall, with it's grass, leather and printed surfaces it adds a lot of playfulness to the intertior space. The snake-like curling bar counter and the spectacle shelves behind it has received indirect edge lightning, which not only enhances the premium feel, but draws attention from the street as well. In the evening, for upping the Carlsberges mood, over the bar counter green iridescent pendant lamps were implemented.
    Features: interior design, pub, Carlsberg, 3D              Services: interior design concept and construction
    Offering: 3D modeling, technical drawing,                    Industry: hospitality
    bar counter building, furniture manufacturing       
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