Fabel, the animal alphabet - a font full of fauna

  • Fabel, the animal typeface
    It’s the animal kingdom at your fingertips: Fabel gives you the world’s fauna, wrapped up in a typeface! Over 300 detailed, characterful illustrated glyphs fill out the alphabet, from the A of Anteater to the Z of Zander.

    The diversity of Earth’s wildlife is captured in the most complete animal alphabet to date: With a full Latin characters set in upper AND lower case, a large range of punctuation, mathematical symbols, tabular and old-style numerals and much, much more!

  • The animal world
    Showcasing animals from all the corners of the world, Fabel goes beyond the basic Latin A-Z. Each character has it’s own diacritics and language specific characters merge language and habitat into one glyph: The IJ is shaped as a Dutch Keeshond and Scandinavian characters such as the Ø and Å take the form of a Reindeer, and Arctic Fox.

  • Character and Animal
    The punctuation of Fabel merges glyph, context and animal, keeping the theme of an animal font true in all characters: A snail replaces the period, the monster of Loch Ness is a big question mark, the ampersand merges Elephant and Tapir and the lemniscate poses the question: What came first: The chicken or the egg?

  • It’s all in the details
    Many animal fonts take an existing font as a base, adding whiskers and tails to lettershapes. Fabel however, takes the animal as starting point for the letter, making it possible to showcase animals at their finest.

    Each glyph was drawn with care to maximise readability, while keeping the animal recognisable and characterful. Tiny details are not overlooked as hooves, claws and tails are all used to transform the animal into a fitting shape.

  • Opentype features
    Opentype features are used to enrich Fabel, adding features such as ligatures and old-style numerals. Ligatures allow special versions of animal combinations (such as the letters ff, fl and fi) while the old-style numerals transform the animals into prehistoric beasts!

  • A full encyclopaedia
    Fabel offers you plenty design possibilities! The three different weights, Line, Inner and Filled allow you to layer texts in any combination you like. Layer line over inner, or use inner or filled alone on a background. Buy Fabel and you get all of the styles at once!

    Fabel is an animal sanctuary filled with characterful carnivores, omnivores and herbivores: All working together to make each keystroke an adventure. Use Leopards next to Lemurs, Sharks next to Seals: It’s all up to you!

    Want to explore for yourself? let Fabel load up your keyboard with the world’s fauna!

  • The animal kingdom. Typeable.
    with over 300 Glyphs in 3 weights