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    Memento is a virtual bank, is a fully encrypted and secure cloud system that can store text, photographs, videos, voice notes, messages… And it’s possible to access all this info from anywhere in the world and from any device without having to remember a password, only using your fingerprint.

    Information is shown as a chronologic timeline where you can add new information or delete the existing one. Menu is really easy to use and the App is really simple to learn, even you have forgotten it. Is easy to learn over and over again. Memento has a geolocation system so all the information can be displayed on a map so the user can see in a quick view all those places where he was and what happened on each place.
    Memento is the way how people with memory diseases like Alzheimer can recover all his memories and live them again and again and again.

    Alzheimer and memory loss
    Nowadays Alzheimer is one of the most prevalent neurodegenerative disease among the population causing the death of never cells and thus cognitive impairment and behavior, initially manifested by a loss of memory. According to WHO, currently more than 35 million people worldwide have this disease and the number will be the double by 2050.
    The bank of memories
    Memories, experiences, songs, poems, names.. are gradually being forgotten for Alzheimer patients until they lose even their own identity. What if you could store all this data during your life so in case you lose it you could recover it?
    Easy and safe
    Memento is the app that store all that information, it's a virtual bank fully encrypted and a in a secure cloud system that can store text, photos, contacts, videos, voice notes, messages, emails...
    Your finger is the key
    Log into Memento is simple, the user will access using his fingerprint, this makes the access safe and unique, and patient won't need to remmember a password.Furthermore the user has the chance to create a password for his family or fiends to share memories in life and after it (leaving key in inheritance). Creating Memento is really easy, registration proccess is really short, no longer than 2 minutes, you only will have to answer some questions about you to create your first memories and life events. The info will be shown in a timeline system where you'll be able to add or delete information, the one you also can geolocalize in a map, so you'll be able to know where you were.
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