Mister Bumbles Interactive — Identity

  • Mister Bumbles is an interactive design and development company focusing on storytelling + childlike wonder. 

  • The logo is derived by abstracting letter forms of M, B & I . The company produces content for multiple platforms and wanted its identity to be fluid and versatile. The overall roundness in shapes helps us achieve the fluidity and represents limitless possibility. The colour scheme stands for the three areas of focus by the company Motion, Branding and Interactive.

  • The website is nicely crafted for iPad and on iPhone serves a quick purpose of getting in touch.

  • Favicon is the logo for web, to utilize its full potential we made it in a square format and used the main colours in proportion to their mass in the logo.

  • I also developed service icons and some fun illustrations.

  •  I took a non-conventional route and designed avatars based on personality rather than looks.


  • Got a small signage made with 3D Logo and the name is engraved whole thing lights up beautifully.

  • The company needed a playful presence on social media. So we played around with a vintage illustration and few patterns.

  • Would Really appericiate it, if you press "Appericate it" :)