The Red Planet - Names Surrounding Mars

  • The Red Planet is an A5 Landscape book that uses typography to illustrate information and names surround the planet Mars. The book begins with the name countries and civilisations that have names Mars in the past in a quick and illustrative way, giving small portions of copy along side introductions and double page spreads.
    The book then features a laser cut height map of some of the valleys on Mars and there location that were names after the pervious mentioned countries. Using colour to show height to build a visual and dynamic way of displaying the map locations.
    The book then takes the reader through more modern names surrounding the planet, missions, moons ect. continuing with small sections of copy and typographic based illustrations to create a full understanding of everything surrounding the names of the planet Mars.
    The book is 107 pages in total and wire bound. It can be quickly read or visually savour and is suitable for any one with an interest in space and Mars. 
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