Captain America | Main Title & Map Montage

  • Captain America | Main Title & Map Montage
    Concept Development & Design

    The battle between good and evil, epitomized through the iconic symbols of Captain America's Shield and Hydra's sinister insignia doing battle against each other.  Finding the credits in off-speed moments, the shield and insignia are on a collision course of destruction as they carve and scrape out chunks of metal leaving a field of debris in their wake.

    The map environment created a dimensional space where the battle montage could be featured.  Pushing in on the glossy reflections of the arching arrows would take the narrative from city to city and back and forth through map and live action footage. 

    Creative Director: William Lebeda
    Associate Creative Director: David Clayton
    Concept Development & Design: Grant Okita
    3D Modeling: Jon Block, John Bellas
    This project was pitched at Picture Mill.
  • Main Title Concept
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  • Map Montage