Noah — The Ark Experience


    'THE ARK' experience, is the most interactive and elaborate element of the ‘NOAH’s campaign by Hi-ReS! London. We wanted to create an opportunity to explore in great detail the other main character of the film, the Ark of Aronofsky's NOAH.

    This meant that we needed to work from the blueprints which the art department of the film had started to create. The ark design was based on the knowledge of various scriptures, not only the Bible. The team also took into consideration what it would mean in real world terms to build a structure of this size, to make it float… and how those living on board would be able to survive, generate heat and have enough food.

    Living quarters, herb gardens and workshops were mapped out and we created a path through the structure to give a deeper understanding of what life on board might have been like. To achieve this, we needed to re-create a third of the Ark as we did not have access to the film files. The task of doing this fell to us at Ars Thanea, who recreated the 3D structure from scratch.

    Client: Paramount Pictures
    Hi-ReS! London (Syzygy Group)

    Executive Creative Director: Florian Schmitt
    Producer: Andrew Duffus

    3D Production Studio: Ars Thanea (Syzygy Group)

    Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
    Production Director: Marcin Molski
    Lead 3D Artist: Paweł Szklarski, Piotr Kolus, Artur Szymczak
    3D Artists: Patryk Habryn, Piotr Nowacki, Anna Mierzejewska, Lukasz Skurczynski
    Simulation: Anna Mierzejewska
    Animation: Patryk Habryn
    Compositing: Arkadiusz Leszko, Karol Kolodzinski, Krzysztof Salek
    Matte Painting: Patryk Habryn
    Producer: Joanna Bak


  • CGI Animation

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  • Website screenshots courtesy of friends from Hi-ReS! London.

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  • Matte Painting