BAIN Silk Printed Business Cards

  • BAIN Silk Printed Business Cards

    BAIN is a swimwear brand recently created in Biarritz, France. It is the shared visions of Nicolas & Cindy, two friends & designers inspired by their love for the 70's, arts, surf & simple moments.
    This project is a collaboration between the creative duo behind BAIN and TIND. 

    Gradient colors were chosen to remind a sunset. We also wanted the cards to be somewhat fancy. Thus, we opted for a golden/bronze ink. 
    As you may know, shit happens. And it sure has happened this time ! 
    Apparently the mail guy could not find the entrance of our office (yeah right) so the cards got shipped back to Tind in Greece ! We've waited almost two month to get these beautiful cards in our hands... but it was definitley worth waiting. 
    Art Direction : Nicolas Kovac & Cindy Defort
    Designer : Nicolas Kovac

    Printed by Tind and Chris