Cosmos by Finger Industries for Photoby

  • This second visual, by Finger Industries, is an intergalactic homage to the Russian accomplishment of putting the first man into space as well as their general accomplishments in this field.  It depicts Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin waving gaily out of the window of the rocket Vostok 1 which took him to outer space & cemented his place in history.  It also shows Laika (the first dog in outer space...) as well as the first artificial earth satellite, the Sputnik.  The visual, in which we wanted to underline Finger Industries’ skill in character creation, depicts an intergalactic museum of "Human Achievements” in which alien visitors (aren’t they just amazing??) are clearly enthralled learning about earth and its inhabitants.
    Agency: Proximity BBDO
    Art Director: Magdalena Kramer
    Copywriter: Kamil Redestowicz
    CGI / Illustration: Finger Industries
  • First concept sketch by Finger Industries based on the agencies brief. 
  • Sketch with added colors. 
  • character proposals from Finger Industries.
  • WIP 01. First greyscale render
  • WIP 02 - a more advanced greyscale render with some added textures and below some close ups from the final layout:
  • Yuri Gagarin
  • our curious alien visitors...
  • Sputnik and Laika
  • The thrusters of the once great Vostok rocket emitting vast amounts of smoke...and some cyrilic letters ;)
  • Final layout published in the international issue of Lurzer's Archive 01/14. "We want to illustrate your best ideas"