I used image of this beauty model and just added a little bit from myself. 
    That's how I created this artwork, step by step, pixel by pixel, hour by hour. There were no deadline and I was just pushing it till I get satisfied. Originally want to keep it somehow clean but found the more details the better it becomes. But, in the other hand, I've been also removing some elements to make it sort-of-clean and well balanced.
    Also spent much time on creating and mixing textures on her body, painting skull-shaped mask and hair from the scratch. One of key elements in this artwork is mood or vibe, which I want to make really dark and mysterious with a bit of fantasy.
    I spent a while on polishing every detail and nailing down what will work in this artwork. It was big experiment so many elements I've painted are missing in final version. But here are some of my favourite spots, take a look.
    DESKTOP version available exclusively in Desktopography collection.
    2014 CALENDAR – Trespasser artwork is also part of my personal calendar. This limited version includes twelve artworks from my portfolio. Send me an email if you want to place an order. Find out more about calendar at Behance and my website.
  • THAT'S IT!
    Hope you like it and thanks for watching!
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