KAFF poster / 2011

  • "KAFF" poster
    a poster designed for a Hungarian Film Festival

    The poster was made for the 10th Animation Film Festival in Kecskemét 
    (http://www.kaff.hu/). This is the largest animation film festival in Hungary, and this year they organised a competition to make posters for it. At school the teachers gave it as a compelsory exercise, but I had fun doing it.

    After watching some videos from their selection, I realized that their image is so complex, that I wanted to bring something simple, but exciting. Therefore, I decided to make a paper cut scene. The forest is a recurrent theme in the selected videos of the festival, this is why I decided to use this element. I also put a goat in it as "kecske" means "goat" in Hungarian. Because this festival (biennale) is open to everyone, from children to grandparents, I wanted a concept that everybody would enjoy.

    I hope you do too!
  • In the first step I made the mock-up of the forest.