LA PÊCHE DU SIÈCLE - Solo exhibition

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    LA PÊCHE DU SIÈCLE - Solo exhibition
    7th - 28th december 2013
    at the Autour des Mots Library, Roubaix
    Last summer I was asked to work on an exhibition to close the Danish Season (cultural event in Northern France celebrating the Andersen's little mermaid 100th anniversary). I image the journey of a fisherman the day he met the mermaid for the first time.
    I gathered frames from the charity shops around and from friends and family, and started my narrative sequencial story, using mostly paper collage and gouache. The story is linear, you follow the sealine. The more the fisherman gets away from the seashore, the more the sea wages get bigger.
    The story has 5 sequences, and no frame has the same size. It was quite a challenge to come up with a visual that would fit the frame and not the other way round.
    This is my first solo exhibition and it was up in a local library for 3 weeks. It took me 2 whole months to get the 30 frames ready in time but the result is lovely and I'm quite happy with it.