• Print realised during a workshop with 2 schools of Helsinki and Milan.
    We created an object for exhibition and an experience report, the two elements are eco-friendly.
    Project realised with Sophie Salomé.
    The experience report uses black and one color pantone ( a green - blue ), the pictures are dithering with the intention of uses the minimum of ink. The typography, DTL Nobel, was choose because she uses not many space, uses a few ink and are very legible.
    We use a format who was the most eco - formed and limits the lost of paper.
    For the page setting we use a systeme of 5 columns, there are always one free in a double pages. Like this they bring lightness, we have put the legends in to simplify the reading. The italics text are in green in order to order the text and bring a play.
    The opening of chapter contain a triangle shape, and the title are in color blocs on it.
    It’s also for bring game. The object for exhibition are composed on the same models but in process printing.