• Wooden poster for Pushing Up Daisy
    Chestnut wood (53x37cm)
    Forty artists were invited to create something with a piece of Daisy, an old chestnut tree. This way we could give her a new life. All the artwork was later auctioned off at the Nutshuis, The Hague. 
    The Dutch poem is about the passion for tree climbing when I was a kid. On the little square in front of our house there used to be some trees. Kids from the neighbourhood gathered around and we tried to get a little higher everytime. It was a fun way to challenge ourselves.
    The typography had to convey that same feeling. The letters needed to dangle and move upward. Just like you would climb a tree. By engraving it into the wood I'm emphasizing the words from the poem, which describe a burning desire for nature and adventure.
  • een jeugdig verlangen, verdwijnen in het groen,
    opwaarts vol vertrouwen, bungelend langs de stam,
    slingeren wild geklauter, bast in vuur en vlam