Editorial Illustration

  • Illustration for Visão magazine:
    "IRS Para onde vão os nossos donativos"
    The article explained how the IRS charitable contributions are distributed.

  • Illustration for Carrossel online magazine:
    "Preso por ter euros - e por não ter"
    Article about the portuguese financial crisis

  • Illustration for Vanity Fair online edition:
    "Why Leonardo DiCaprio Didn’t Win the Oscar"

  • Illustration for Visão magazine:
    "50 livros para dar (e receber) neste Natal"
    The article was a selection of 50 books to offer at Christmas.
    The illustration idea was a Christmas dinner that gathered the authors featured in the selection
    (Mick Jagger, JK Rowling, Jamie Oliver, Fernando Pessoa) with an ordinary family.

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