Identity 2014 Laureaux Didier

  • Laureaux Didier - Identity 2014
    Digital Designer
    France, Bretagne 29600
  • // Inspiration 
    Bretagne - Water - Sea - Fluidity - Tube - Drawning - Pencil - Digital
  • // Color 
    Serie Fluidity 

    Gliding gracefully through watery channels, Fluidity is the palette that understands the inevitable human need for life-sustaining cool water tones rendered largely in dazzling blue sand bluegreens.These coolinghues are underscored by shimmering seagrass shades and undersea-creature colors such as Absinthe Green, Violet Tulle, a blazing Samoan Sun, a Dewberry purple and two tones of eye-arresting orange-corals.
    // Typography 
    I have simple font but if you look this font, you think digital.
  • // Sketch 
  • // Simple Stationary 
  • // Website
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