Beat The Client - Paper Toy Chess

  • A papertoy chess game that describes the creative industry in a funny way. (graduation project)
    The whole project is caught in one do-it-yourself A0 poster. 
  • The client has an angry top manager (king) who's waiting for the results together with his all-seeing lady (queen) who scares everyone off. They are drinking expensive liquor (bishops) and have two dangerous dogs (knights). Last but not least they fill the days with sending emails and deadlines to the artist (rooks). And off course they've money like water. (pawns)
  • The creative side is way more relaxed. To start with the YOLO artist who's always relaxed. (king) His sweetheart is wearing the moustache-necklace and is always taking cool pictures. (queen) And whats a creative couple without drinking beers (bishops) and hanging out with their two cats? (knights). Their computers (rooks) run youtube and instagram all day, and their agenda is filled with making tons of drawings (pawns) for the client.
  • The A0 poster
  • Process shots
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