Action Aid poster campaign - Money Bugs!

  • Be prepared to have your skin crawl as you get to grips with our parasitic money bugs created for Action Aid through M&C Saatchi.
  • Action Aid's aim was to raise awareness of how, through tax breaks, corruption and immoral use of tax havens, corporations drain more resource than can ever be made up in aid. Action Aid wanted to reframe the issue around tax avoidance and make the issue real to help inspire change for the better.

    Our aim at Finger Industries was to design and develop a range of bugs within the brief for use in the final Action Aid campaign posters. We needed to convey a feeling of disgust from viewers whilst retaining a mocking tone without impacting the important message Action Aid wanted to deliver. We like to think we have achieved this and invite you to have a look. Be warned though, you may want to do so on an empty stomach...!
  • 'The Benjamin flea' 3D Colour Render
  • 'Moneybags' 3D Colour Render
  • 'The bloodsucker' 3D Colour Render
  • 'The benjamin flea' 3D Greyscale Render
  • 'Moneybags' 3D Greyscale Render
  • 'The bloodsucker'  Colour Sketch
  • Concept sketches depicting 'Moneybags' 'The benjamin flea' and 'The plutocrat'
  • Concept sketches depicting 'The bloat monkey'', 'Fatcrabs' and 'The bloodsucker'
    Thank you to M&C Saatchi for commissioning Finger Industries to work on the Action Aid Money Bugs campaign. We are strangely fond of them!

    © Action Aid 2013.
  • Represented by Trayler & Trayler, London UK.

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