Far Cry 4 alternative title

  • Hi !

    Here's an alternative title made for Ubisoft's game Far Cry 4.
    As a big fan of the serie and - very often - of Ubisoft's games

    ( well, Ubi, if you see this, I'd be glad to work with you on type & lettering in your games :D )

    I wanted to work on this one particularly, because the background of the game is singular & graphically intense.
    Based on & inspired by Nepali alphabet visuals.
    It allowed me to work with the letters I've created time ago.

    Hope you'll like it !

    You can follow my work on Instagram too !

    Here it is.

  • About the work
    Main idea was to replace the title in the background/environment of the game using typography and/or lettering.
    I organized the main keywords I had in mind this way.

    Places : Himalaya, Asia, Tibet, Nepal, moutains, ...

    Languages : Sanskrit, Nepali, ...

    Global : adventure, action, ancient, mysterious, history, obstacles, journey, hidden, treasures, life, danger, ...

    Part of it.
    About this, I've been influenced by the great Tibetan Calligrapher Tashi Mannox. If you don't know the man, go to check is work !
    Quite beautiful & inspiring !

    Part of it, again.
    Won't show all researches, only from the final sketch to digital version.

    So, what about this ?

    Few screens I created for this occasion