• The iconic figures of Santa, Rudolf and Elfy are here as the Christmas Magic family, a set of lovely little keepers designed to take care of your candies and jewelries. In addition, they also play as a powerful gift for Birthdays, Christmas parties to melt in love that one special for you! 

  • Santa
    Ø 100mm
  • Elfy
  • Rudolf
     Ø 90mm
  • Ideation
  • The breakdown of the product design strategy basically strives in an interplay between brand and product of an intelligent mix of materials and geometries that define Alessi as brand, but rather, as construction of the bridge to reach traditions and be able touch people’s emotions.
  • The family
  • Made with plastic and stainless steel. Christmas magic series are the ideal gift for this and the next Christmas to come. Please be aware that Rudolf may behave as a wild animal time to time!

    Christmas Magic

    Miguel Silva Design
    Industrial Design
    Miguel Silva