Skype China's Home Page Re-design

  • This is part of my thesis project, my thesis topic is to help American business in Chinese technology and design market place. I redesign the Skype China's home page according to China's user research and design thinking to help Skype attract Chinese users to gain better development in China.
    *This is a personal project. Noncommercial.
  • The left one is the home page Skype is using now.
    The right one is the redesigned one I created.
  • Chinese market is all about people. When people use products, they tend to choose products have been recommended mouth-to-mouth. Through research, it is clear that users use the product not because the product technology is particularly good, or advertising campaigns that are particularly attractive. Chinese users trust their friends more than any advertisements, because they feel products are safe with friends’ recommendation. Therefore, in order to increase market share in the future, Skype must make itself "popular" in China, and keep users on its website, watching videos or reading news, then encourage them to use its products.

    The visual design should combine the simplicity of internationalism and Chinese user experience which helps the entire website be simple and also full of necessary information. 
    * More research including Competitor Analysis in the complete paper, if you are interested, drop me a line through email, we can talk about it :-)
  • Product User Flow Chart
    I analyze the product flow chart in order to understand the content on the home page.
  • Hom Page User Flow Chart
  • Persona
    After the interview, I analyze all the information and create the persona for Skype China.
  • Conclution
  • User Experience Map
  • Grid System
  • Information Architecture
  • Wire-frame
  • Prototype - Visual
  • The Whole Page
  • Details
  • Combine Foreign TV Shows / Movies / Star News

    Internationalization can be Skype’s advantage. Foreign TV shows and movies have a strong attraction for Chinese audiences. The audience is mostly young people. Therefore, Skype needs to attract those young people watching overseas TV series and being concerned about overseas news. Skype can invite popular TV actors and a limited number of Chinese users to remote chat online, be informed of news and popular overseas drama and plot development in a timely manner. 
  • Plan Savings
    Once Skype attracts users, it should think about keeping them in advocacy for specific pay plans, Skype should identify itself with a striking color such as red to show the monetary savings, which can be attractive to Chinese users to a greater extent. User are very sensitive about numbers in China, they love free products and saving more money. If you can let them make sure that plans will save a lot of money for them, then they will be glad to pay for that. This type of strategy could better promote the Skype plan.
  • QR Code
    Chinese users have become accustomed to a QR code on the webpage, which can help websites extend the user experience into the mobile world. In my survey, 80% young users have learned how to use the QR code and also have scanned at least once and andoid is more popular than other systems.
  • Social Networks Link
    It is always necessary to put social links on the website for sharing.
    These are popular Social Networks in China.
  • Demo Video - Interaction
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