Logo - Personal Branding #1

  • I am creating my own visual identity and to start things off I created a logo. I'll post everything as one project once I have all the material, but for now let's talk about the logo.
  • This is the final product. The logo consists of my initials, with my a bold yet feminine pattern with a punch (not touch! haha) of color and a more soothing color on the rest of the logo for balance and for a delicate look.
    What I wanted to show with this logo is who I am: Feminine, bold, fearless, free, colorful and delicate all at once, with a passion for colors and patterns. The straight lines are for assertiveness and confidence.
    The overall look is modern, bold, but feminine elegante and delicate. My personality is quite hard for me to grasp, because I can be so many things at the same time, but I really thing this shows what I am here for! :D
    Font: GeosansLight
    Color: #a2d3b3
  • Separating the initial ideas: My initials, some bold cool pattens and the initial color pallete (my color pallets are always huge!)
    Here I was separating some sybols I wanted to incorporate on my visual identity. I will ise them later on, you will see.
  • The font I used is GeosansLight and this is my solid color of choice to start things of. Black makes me sad.
  • This and the following images are several different ways I tried to make the whole thing work, once I had my favourite color and my favourite pattern down from the first bunch.
    Until I had this! :D