Wyoming Gold

  • Transition
  • Ships of Stone
  • Temple of the Gods
  • Too Proud to Bow
  • On the Fringe of Winter
  • Tapestry of Gold
  • Evening Surprise
  • Traveling through western Wyoming at the end of September, 2013, I was checking the region out for autumn color.  I found a little bit, as these photographs reveal.  A week later, I traveled through Wyoming again and could see that the trees were at their peak for fall color,......but, alas.....the U.S. government had all the parks closed down and I could not take advantage of Nature's gift......I could not travel through the Teton or Yellowstone national parks during the peak of autumn.....which had been my plan for over a year to do.  I was detoured through Idaho.  The last two photographs are the result of the detour.....the back side of the Tetons at sunset.        "Making lemonade from sour lemons.  :)"  
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