New Potato Chips

  • Potato Chips New Concept and Packaging |  2013
    Agency: STRATEGIES, BBDO - Cairo, Egypt
    Head of Creative Department: Sami Samour
    Senior Art Director: Mohamed Zakaraia (Ziko)
    Creative Copywriter : Asmaa Alaa
    Senior Graphic Designer: Mennatallah M.Sobhy
    Senior Graphic Designer: Mohamed Hamdy (m7m7)
    Music Composer: Dr. Ahmed El Gebaly
    Potato Chips Packaging - Self Initiated brief
    - Category overview
    The snacks category is a very cluttered category and it includes anything that is not part of the three main meals and it includes chocolates, juices, popcorn, milk shakes, ice cream , salty biscuits ,cakes, peanuts.
    Chocolates, ice creams and cakes are mainly associated with the sweet cravings and after eating a salty meal .
    - Who are we talking to
    Teens mainly 13-18 years old , they are driven by the emotional payoff, and the added value of fun in whatever they chose.
    Teens are looking for innovative brands , they go after the flavor and it depends on their need state , if they feel hungry they consider chips as it is filling.
    They want to assert themselves and feel independent. Their role models are their “older teen-age brother”.
    - The world of potato
    Potato chips has two main areas of strength being a ritual/habit and filling
    The consumption between lunch and dinner time is higher amongst 40-45 years old while the consumption between breakfast and lunch is higher amongst the 10-15 years old
    Normal potato chips is preferred than crinkled one
  • The Idea : Consumers hate the feel of having residues on their hands after eating
  • FRENZY Character
  • The Idea : Consumers are lacking innovations and novelty
  • # Hash-tag Arabic calligraphy logo
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  • The Idea : Consumers are complaining from lack of new flavors
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  • Plain Chips + 3 New Flavors
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