Typography Project #01

  • Typography Project, part 1
    So, I started a new project. I am very inspired by colors and music, so I decided to put this two things together with another passion of mine: typography. I separate my favorite quotes from songs I am listening to at the moment and think of a cool way of putting that into a visual work.
    Instead of using photos as background and getting into copyright trouble, I decided to use colors. I follow Pretty Colors on tumblr and I find it very very inspiring. I decided to take one color that, to me, matches the mood of the song and use it as a background.
    So far, I have done three and I'm loving it! :D
    I have plans of creating typography banners for literature quotes as well, in the foreseeable (!) future.
    I'm sharing this work on my tumblr(s) account(s): Said the Giant - The Music Giant - The Book Giant!
    The first one is never great, but it's a start and I'll learn along the way. This song is beautiful, by the way.
    Background Color: #857987
    Font Color: #fff7f2
    Fonts: Rockwell and Lavanderia
  • Beautiful Brazilian song with very bright "solar" colors... This one I'm proud of!
    Background Color: #e0dc21
    Font Color: #5a5386
    Fonts: Rockwell and Xtreem Thin Demo
  • See, I'm getting better! This song is from Alex Turner's solo album, which I find very inspiring.
    Background Color: #73868c
    Font Color: #ffd200
    Fonts: UpperEastSide and ML Rainbow KK
  • I'll keep posting new "parts" of this project as I do them. :))
    Thanks for taking a look, it means a lot to me!