Taming The Wild


  • Human power exists in many ways, there is no better example than that which we exert on gardens, which is literally the taming of nature into ordered, symmetrical and static shapes. 
    Taming the Wild is an installation that reflects this dialogue between the natural course that leaves follow, and our ability to mould them into the forms that we wish.
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    Pau Alekumsalaam (Original Idea and Graphics) www.pauerr.com 
    Alexandra Requesens (Production Head and Interior Design) www.alexrequesens.com
    Clara Romaní (Production and Development) www.clararomanianthony.com
    Eva Vera (Production and Development) www.evavera.com
    Pau Ramirez (Filmmaking and Photography ) 
    Arnau Tàsies (Photography and Video)