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  • Introduction:
    NoleSports.com is ALL about Florida State University football. Part of the Tallahassee Democrat umbrella, it creates a local, feel-good brand for Florida State Seminole sports presence.
    Many objectives were used within these different graphics. From Facebook sharables to branding the designs and audiences were always changing.
    Various sports brands created a structure, while perimeters for the video graphics were set fourth by higher management.
    The graphics needed to convey a BIG impact on a small scale. We did not want the client to have to change the size very often so every graphic was designed to have enough room for long copy and full sentences. Furthermore, the design had to be open-ended so video graphics could utilized on verity of video formations including HD and browsers within smart phones.

    Check it out » NoleSports.com
  • Attached all of the analytics screen shots from the Nolesports.com Facebook page regarding the two “shareable” graphics.
  • Also, included are snapshots of “likes” to the Facebook page we received as a result of the graphics. Super impressive. We posted the first graphic on August 27th 2012, and got 24 likes to the Facebook page, and we posted the second on the 30th and got 38 new likes on the page. You will see from the screenshots that we have not received that many likes to the page that even pales in comparison to those two days because of the two shareable graphics.
  • Virality: is where things get tricky. Viral reach is the number of people that have seen your post because one of their friends interacted with it, liking, commenting, sharing, answering a question or responding to an event. Viral reach also has to do quite a bit with the Talking About This (TAT) metric discussed below.
  • Engaged Users: The number of people who have clicked within your post/update. The Engaged Users metric is reported in three forms: link clicks (clicks on links within your post/update), stories generated (a story is created when some one likes, comments, shares, answers a question or responds to an event), and other clicks, which are clicks on names, time stamp or the number of likes (the "other clicks" metrics is a good indicator of attention).
  • Talking About This: The number of people that have created a "story" from your page post. The TAT metric reports the number of likes, comments and shares in aggregate.