Florida A&M University Department of Music

  • Design and Branding
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  • Introduction:
    A fantastically, intriguing project from my Alma Mater. It involved the vision of Dr. Clemons and the branding of the serious FAMU Department of Music. He communicated he wanted viewers of the displays to understand, “This is the place to come for music.” “Have you heard of us?” “Diversity.” This project also included the branding of a faculty run Jazz Jams, which played at schools and city functions around the Tallahassee area.
    1. Main Convention Concept: Create a concept and get it approved from the faculty and then the President of the university.
    2. Design 2 banners: Create two banners and a podium graphic to accompany the main convention banner.
    3. Create a brand and identity for Jazz Jams. Incorporate the design into two additional two banners.
  • The main convention display creates a dramatic setting while vibrate colors dance with the fore/backgrounds of each silhouette.
  • The design outcome connects the essence of music and historical values among the different organizations in the Department of Music.
  • The pop-up banners were created to accompany the band on their travels. Each will be displayed on either side and weren’t meant to be over powering.
  • Jazz Jams travels around and preforms Jazz to local destinations. We kept this design simple because the goal was to gain the attention of children or passers-by. We want someone stop, enjoy and remember.