Tallahassee Democrat (Gannett)

  • Projects 2012-2013 The Tallahassee Democrat (local newspaper)
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  • Introduction
    I began at the Tallahassee Democrat as an intern the summer of 2012. This relationship blossomed into something that even after the internship was over, I was asked to freelance. 
    Every project I brought was very different and the audience was always changing. I can thank them for giving me a chance and letting me design and create to my hearts desire!
    The audience was a mixed over very conservative readers, local business owners, politicians, students and sports fans. Sometimes the design was for social engagement while other times it was a header for their main advertisement.
  • Visualized is a front page of the Tallahassee Democrat Newspaper.
    Although, the final design was not used as the front cover (not saying any departments names) it was published online.
    Creative’s that helped me to achieve this dazzling design were Jennifer Portman (Senior Writer) and Rebeccah Lutz (Managing Editor). Both who have essential tasks daily, within the Democrat. A little about the front cover is that it accompanies a story by Jennifer Portman. The story is about how safe we have been in Florida and the decline of the crime.
    I chose bright, vibrant colors to really push the different type percentages. A mute background showcases the state of Florida.
    With vary many of my designs; I love to set in motion some type of illusion. I made a small cutout in the center of Florida off of the P in DROPS. This created a red gauge illustrating the decline.
  • Pizza Wars
    This graphic was created for web, social media but it may have been printed too.
    Objective. To create a pizza box graphic that is open and has the text… “Pizza Wars!
  • Restaurant Inspection Database
    Watch dog reporting which informs the user of deficiencies for a particular restaurant. Kevin Switzer, Webmaster, put together the database and updates the site weekly. Jennifer Hagedorn, Social Media/Digital Guru, brought the idea to light. I created the header and established the color-coded key to defined the restaurants with deficiencies.

    It won the award: Tallahassee Democrat: Q2 award best digital journalism
  • Rebranding of TLH moms
    From the get-go Blythe, came to me, that she needed a re-branding of her Internet and social network presence. She is a manager, mother, writer, and social butterfly of TLHmoms.com, part of Tallahassee.com family.

    TLHmoms.com is a savvy online hangout where moms and families can blog and see what is new around town.

    Moving forward, I devised and created a logo of clean lines. Something that I could put on social networks and all over because TLH moms needed an identity asap!

    Next, I completed a header for TLHmoms.com and used a pattern for the background to make the text POP. With the help of Jennifer Hagedorn (Social Media/Digital Guru @ Tallahassee.com), Blythe, and myself agreed on some GREAT colors. None of the re-branding has been taken down, so I guess everyone is happy. (Told you so BLYTHE!)
  • Chronicle Brand
    Part of the Tallahassee Democrat umbrella, Chronicle newspaper is ALL about local news in the capital city.

    This was my first project as an intern at the Tallahassee Democrat.
    To create cohesion among all the Tallahassee Democrat’s brands, I wanted to clean up and organize this Identity. Clean and simple two people reading newspapers under a tree. Clouds in the sky and sun shinning finish up a fun design.