United Airlines Website Re-design

  • This is a 4 hours student project on redesign the United Airlines' website. This is a project still in progress and I will add the mobile responsive layout later.
    I analyzed the shortcomings of existing sites, both user experience and visual aspects.
  • Since it was a quick task in 4 hours, I just went to the united.com and recorded all my actions on the site to do the user observation. Then I came out the flowchart that how users use the site (till payment page).
  • Kept going to think about the grid and designed the Information Architecture Specification
  • Wireframe
    In this part I figured out to do the navigation, which is the most frequent functions people use on this webstie (book a trip, my reservation, flight status, check-in and vacations) above the backgroud advertsing images to help the users find them quickly when they open the website.
  • Interaction & Visual Design Mockup
    The end of the page is in the lower part of the service advertisement, so users can always see the advertisement for the travel deals above the service ads. And they also know there is some information below the service ads, so they can roll it down.
  • Mobile-site
  • Demo Video
  • Draft