Exotic Yoga Retreat

  • PROJECT PERIOD: MARCH 2013 - In Progress. 
    Exotic Yoga Retreats blends the worlds of yoga and inner discovery with sensory experiences of visual beauty, health-giving sumptuous tastes, cultural enrichment and outdoor adventure.
    Exotic Yoga Retreats are generally intimate in size; Gayle prefers to keep her retreats between 8-12 participants, providing more personalized guidance and richer, deeper connections. From hand-written notes of poetry placed on pillows at turn-down, to carefully-planned culinary delights prepared by local chefs, every retreat detail is attended to with the intent of participants slowly rediscovering the art of mindful enjoyment. Participants depart retreats transformed inside and out, with a visceral sense of permission to indulge – in a balanced way.  As one recent EYR attendee said, “Practicing yoga with Gayle is pure joy.  Her impassioned teaching enables me to flow through class and through life with a greater sense of grace and peace. For this I am truly grateful.”

    Gayle says, "I have a postcard placed on each guest's pillow in the evening, so when they retire to bed, they are greeted by poetry, and hopefully it enters their dreams and consciousness in this way.The poems I choose are meant to inspire introspection and gratitude for the deeper aspects of our consciousness."

    My design roll was improving EYR's biz card design and providing authentic poetry postcard design based on  Japanese calligraphy and digital illustration.