• Overview

    “Openmind technologies” is consulting center, founded to create and adopt new methods of professional and personal development. Center provides corporative trainings, staff matching, consultations of effective dirrection and coaching.


    The key challenge was to create a brand, which positions company as international training center, which provides various branches of activity.


    Naming: Openmind technologies 

    Logo:  The brand platform is: 
    1. Diversity and flexibility
    2. Ability to change
    3. Equality and opennes
    4. Unification and connection
    5. Space for activity

    The xclv.brand formula is:

    Type: connection of words “open” and “mind” by ligature and two colors.
    Shape: many-colored displacing rings, that symbolize dynamics and flexibility.
  • Step-by-step case study:

    Presentation V7