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    Design: We refreshed the image of the previous website of Moraitis Chickens by creating a website far from the clichés of the competition, incorporating clean design and highlighting the details. The website had to communicate the corporate brand as well as the products. This was achieved by presenting a recognizable identity while still remaining functional and user-friendly. Having in mind that it wouldn’t be a website with high visit rates, we designed the UE in a way that it would keep the visitors excited and motivate them to explore most of its pages. We created eye-catching animations, interesting interactions and similar treats to accomplish this. 
    Development: The challenge in developing this website was to provide a seamless and consistent experience among various devices. In cases as this one, responsive design doesn't just mean throwing media queries to your css files. There were many animations and features that needed to be treated with special attention and making them cross-browser and cross-device compatible was quite tricky. In the end, the result of testing the website in desktops, tablets and mobiles was, as always, rewarding.
    Design, mousegraphics
    Development, Big Horror Athens
  • Nominations:
    Greek Design Awards (EBGE)
    Merit_Corporate & Product Websites_"Moraitis"
    CSS Design Awards
    Ermis Awards
    Silver_Design digital_"Moraitis"