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  • Branding of Nicole Avenue
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  • Introduction
    We were contacted by Ms. Garcia to brand NICOLE AVENUE, LLC a boutique public relations firm. They work with start-ups & nonprofits providing publicity, increasing donors & generating buzz.
    Launched in June 2013, NICOLE AVENUE’s area of expertise is publicity, market & industry research, social media creation and monitoring, media relations, and event management. They offer a low-cost public awareness for their partners and clients.
    NICOLE AVENUE met with a graphic designer to discuss the logo design, but did not go through with the entire process.
    Goals are to brand NICOLE AVENUE LLC as a professional firm, which provide public relations and event planning services to local community.
    Logo / identity: Create an identity for Nicole Avenue around the vision of Nicole Garcia. It must be functional and savvy outlasting current trends.
    The brand will work on multiple advertising outlets. In the near future it is possible it will be used in web or viewed on electronic signage and printed on stationary.
    Because NICOLE AVENUE is compartmentalized into two sections (public relations and event planning), There are two target customer titles:
    1. Public Relations – small business owners and authors
    2. Event Planning – locals seeking small to medium-sized events
    They’re typical target audience includes nonprofit organizations, which need publicity for fund-raising events, launching new programs and generating public awareness.
    NICOLE AVENUE’s main competitors are event planners and other firms. They have established relationships with local vendors and are well known to the community.
    NICOLE AVENUE potential clients are the target audience for research. In general, they are 28-47 years in age. They are hard workers with a specific understanding and interest in the community.
  • The product style or vision for the logo will be fashion-oriented and a mixture of feminine and corporate.
    Major guidelines are as follows:
    • Create a custom theme that will stand out from other brands.
    • Implement a color scheme with different contrasts.
    • Communicate the brand and identity of NICOLE AVENUE’s “feminine and corporate” tone.
    • Encourage quick recollection, to clients, by creating a logo that is easily committed to memory.
    • Make potential clients of the NICOLE AVENUE brand fascinated in learning more.
    The objectives good brands achieve include:
    1.     Delivers the message clearly
    2.     Confirms your credibility
    3.     Connects your target prospects emotionally
    4.     Motivates the potential client or buyer
    5.     Concretes User Loyalty
  • The general the designs direction is to bring simplicity, functionality, and emotion, which have always been the equation for a successful brand. The identity will have the look of boutique along with the feel of fun and dependence from mainstream products. The design will carry and represent the very spirit of an inventive public relation’s firm.
  • From the beginning sketch to the end product we made quite a few minor adjustments and a couple major ones. Although no drop shadows, embossing or gradients are used, the final logo uses color, line and shape to set the attitude for the boutique public relations firm.
    The imagery varies throughout the logo. The hummingbird symbolizes many different concepts and superstitions. Because of its speed and quick movements, the hummingbird is known as a messenger and stopper of time. It is also a symbol of love, joy, and beauty. The Key represents the unlocking of any closed door. The stamp is the representation for travel and not to stay stationary for long periods of time. The three cents is a lucky number. The number three in Chinese, san, is considered lucky because it sounds like sheng (生), or “give birth.” Traditionally, good fortune comes in the shape of 3’s.
  • This palette can be used as RGB or CYMK. It can also be turned into a gray scale image.
    The color palette for web colors (RGB).
    4C1111 (Maroon), FFF4DC (Honeysuckle), 856017 (Gold), and C2581A (Rust Orange)
    The color palette for printed colors (CYMK).
    C41 M90 Y82 K65 (Maroon), C0 M3 Y14 K0  (Honeysuckle), C0 M32 Y86 K57 (Gold) and C0 M71 Y98 K23 (Rust Orange)