• For more than a decade we've been asked if we have merch to sell, and each time we have replied that we don't just want to print our logo on a t-shirt and ask people to wear it. We wanted it to be something more than just
    a cheap Fruit from the Bloom shirt and so we teamed up with our all-time favourite fashion brand Buffet Clothing
    to do a collaboration instead. The result is a limited collection of t-shirts, jumpers, knitwear, bags and sweaters. Accompanied by our best selection of stickers, patches, posters and pins. 

    Rumours also have it that the rock band VÄG, signed to SNASK Recordings,
    will have their records sold in the same shop. 

    So if you were looking for the perfect outfit or even the perfect gift, look at Amazon, because we don't
    sell that shit. We only sell stuff for the heartbroken and Natalie-Imbruglia-torn souls.

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    Photo: Bild Gates