Zest Specialty Coffee

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    Zest; where you'll discover the perfect balance for Coffeekind. We are looking to the future. Uncovering flavour terrains, filled with wonder. Together we journey to new flavour destinations. With a balance of experience and exploration, we unearth the diversity of coffee; enticing the coffee drinker to discover the flavours that make up their daily dose.

    Zest had an undeniable strength in regional areas of Australia and their sales at these locations reflected this. Our objective was to elevate the brand and packaging so that it would have a broader national appeal. The challenge was to elevate the brand so that it could hold its own inside the trendy inner city cafes, yet whatever we produced could not be so out of character that it would alienate Zest from their existing market and customer base.

    The opportunity existed to create a brand that could flex on multiple levels. It could be bright and colourful, or subtle and succinct. It could be bold or light. This was true for the packaging, logos and messaging; with the added intent to invite curiosity and therefore new customers. Overarchingly there existed an opportunity to establish a community, one with shared values which centred around family – a direct connection to the family run business.

    On one side, colourful graphics set Zest apart, allowing for a powerful shelf presence. 
    On the reverse side a more premium and understated feel adds breadth and diversity. Carefully crafted labels and sleeves communicate their attention to detail and knowledge for coffee, whilst the dividing line has been transformed into a window, a vehicle for two pieces to come together and tell one story. A simple yet playful packaging system designed for ease of assembly where ranges are separated based on their core colours. The diagonal line/device is a reference to the old 'Z' logo yet cleverly communicates Zest's 'Perfect Balance' positioning, associated messaging and word play.
    Project: @zest_coffee
    Brand Identity, Collateral, Digital & Signage Design: @pop_and_pac
    Tins: @okelly.co
    Labels: @multicoloraustralia
    Sleeves: @press_print_solutions
    Sleeve Embossing: @tafedatexture