Don't Let me Be the next I

  • Don't Let me Be the next.
    Awareness Campaign

    This is an on going project.  Originally the idea was to upload a series of 4 to 8 photo manipulations regarding  endangered species.  However  as this is a self promotional project  the source files  have been specially difficult to find.   
    So I decided to divide the project into  2 or  3 parts,  This way not only can I show the final result but also some mock-ups 
    The concept is to create an awareness campaign featuring animal portraits that can go beyond the image and really capture the animal emotion, reminding the viewer that we are not the only ones living in this planet. 
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    Photography: Darko Skender
                          Andreas Krappweis
    Digital Art:       Rodrigo Molina
    Tools used:    Photoshop CS5
                           Wacom Intuos4 M