D61 Design

  • Contemporary ideas,
    timeless design.

    D61–Design is an interdisciplinary design studio, created by people ready to carry out even the boldest and most visionary project. They come from the automotive industry and have developed a number of concepts for renowned brands.

    We were excited about the new project to create a brand identity for the newly created studio. It was all the more exciting because we designed for other designers, which is always a challenge, but if it succeeds – it gives a lot of satisfaction.

  • During the project, we built mutual trust and we were able to implement more surprising ideas. The whole process was both demanding and rewarding. By presenting the identification of the new studio, we are proud that we could be part of its identity.

  • Due to extended time of registration of the D61–Design logo it is used alternatively with "®" and "™". 
    After registration it will be used with "®" sign.