• PIGEON, Facilitators of Culture

    Pigeon is a network of emerging cultural agents that are driven by music, live experiences, and soundscape installations. Using the city as a starting point, Pigeon is a flexible production mechanism, where the urban environment is above the public building installation and musical experiences.

    It is proposed to create a flexible means of communication, with great impact and formal force, where PIGEON is interpreted as free-flowing as it is supported by a graphic and typographic system that structure an editorial synthesis.
    A lexicon of various materials and visual interpretations of flight and bird behaviors that support the needs of PIGEON: from dates to artists, to events to, ultimately, statements and manifestos.

    Alongside the graphic and typographic system, the identity is also established in photography. The approach on its direction is guided by a perspective of detail, superior to the terrestrial plane. Directed on snapshots, shredded details, and aerial perspectives, captured as if through the eyes of a pigeon. Given the analog content of the agency's artists and image properties, photography must breathe the same aesthetic and always propose cinema in the shots.

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