Mobily Fiber Access

  • Mobily Fiber Access​​​​​​​
    An example of how CGI is there when real life fails us or it’s hard and costly. An assignment of 3 visuals featuring impossible-to-reach type of locations.
    The creative idea is about stopping the consumer from taking Mobily’s full coverage claim literally, by showcasing lack of coverage in those exaggerated scenarios. The assignment was an enjoyable one, we manufactured a sledge to use it as a reference while modeling it and we brought an Alaskan dog on set.

    All our departments contributed heavily to this project from the concept artist who drew the pencil interpretation, the CGI team whom they modeled the clay scene, the production team whom they brought everything including a playful Alaskan dog , the casting team whom they brought the talents, the photography team whom they secured plenty of raw materials for the retouching team, the CGI team again for final rendering, and finally to the retouching team whom they put everything together perfectly.

  • Clay renders
  • Photography
  • Before & After
    Agency : FULLSTOP
    Client : MOBILY