Cafe Kacao

  • Cafe Kacao

    Coffee and cacao, two basic elements of Latin America’s culture and gastronomy.

    Located at Oklahoma, U.S., Cafe Kacao offers all day long latin breakfast and homemade food, always using the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking methods, delivering rich textures and flavors to the client’s palate. The menu is strongly inspired by Guatemalan and Mexican cuisines, with a slight touch of Salvadorian and Brazilian flavours.

    We redesigned the brand and re-imagined the narrative and tone behind Cafe Kacao, emphasizing on nature, coziness and Latin America’s vibrant personality, with a contemporary approach.

    The brand is derived from nature itself, using the Quetzal as an ever-present symbol of the latin culture, with a sparkling latin spirit and taste for fine detail, making it highly memorable. The brand’s personality maintains contrasts between shapes, typography and warm colors that represent the rich gastronomic proposal, while looking casual and accesible for all audiences.

    Everybody deserves latin food!